Henisol – specialized in insulation, scaffolding, tracing and fire protection

Henisol has a full range in the field of industrial insulation, scaffolding, tracing and fire protection. We offer these services as a total package or as a separate service. From 4 independent Henisol offices and 4 regional support centres, we can quickly and expertly service in construction, maintenance or at technical failures.

Experience and technical expertise
We have years of experience and technical expertise, and we set to work quickly and effectively. Because we have a flexible schedule, we can almost immediately start the work for you. To secure this expertise into the future we have been working since 2009 with the foundation ‘Werk en Vakmanschap’ and we are recognized by Kenteq as a learning company.

Om deze expertise in de toekomst veilig te stellen werken wij vanaf 2009 al samen met Stichting Werk en Vakmanschap en zijn wij door Kenteq erkend als leerbedrijf.

The ‘MKB Ondernemersprijs’ South East Drenthe
On Friday, April 20th 2012 Henisol has received the ‘MKB Ondernemersprijs’ of Southeast Drenthe. For more information please click here

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